Podcast Special

Podcast Special: Retirement

All good things come to an end, or so they say. Good things include, of course, the careers of those at the sharp end of swimming as their time in the pool moves towards its conclusion. It’s a difficult time, one of transition that marks the next significant period in one’s life. In this podcast special, Jemma Lowe, Roberto Pavoni and Ross Davenport join regular contributor Katie Wyld and Lane 4 consultant Rick Cotgreave, who specialises in athlete transitions, to share and discuss their own experiences. There’s also a chance to consider the support available and to ask the question, should there be more?

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Podcast – BSCA Conference 2013

The podcast is on the road for this special edition which comes to you from the British Swimming Coaches Association annual conference. The conference gave a chance to speak to England’s Commonwealth Games head coach for 2014, Jon Rudd, as well as Millfield’s Jol Finck who coached James Guy to such an impressive 2013 and Warrender’s Laurel Bailey who guided Craig McNally to some fine performances in Barcelona.

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