speedo launch next generation fastskin

Speedo has launched its next generation fastskin bodysuit, the FSII, in a blaze of publicity in Australia. Led by a newly shaven-headed Grant Hackett, the new suits were finally reveled following months of teaser campaigns from the aquatic giant.
The new suits are said to even more closely mimic the sharkskin that first inspired the original suits and also combine Speedo’s latest innovations in hydrodynamics, with fewer seams and different prints on different parts of the body. The suits feature a new surface prints and protrusions designed to further reduce drag in the water, in a move which is sure to re-ignite the controversy that first surfaced before the Sydney Olympics.
Availability of the suits is not yet clear, but it seems certain that many of the worlds top swimmers will be fully equipped with the new costumes for their trials and, of course, in Athens.
See Sydney Morning Herald or Speedo Aqualab for further info.