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The table below shows in simple terms what times the winner and second placed swimmer in each event have to achieve at trials if they want to be selected for the Olympics, set against the event programme to make it simple and quick to see who makes the grade.

DateEventSwimmers qualify if:
1st swims faster than:2nd swims faster than:
Saturday 3rd March400m IM - Men4:16.464:15.64
400m Free - Men3:48.923:48.13
400m IM - Women4:41.754:40.16
Sunday 4th March100m Fly - Women58.7058.56
100m Breast - Men1:00.791:00.50
400m Free - Women4:09.354:08.25
Monday 5th March200m Free - Men1:47.821:47.37
100m Back - Women1:00.821:00.33
100m Back - Men54.4054.08
100m Breast - Women1:08.491:07.90
Tuesday 6th March200m Free - Women1:58.331:57.83
200m Fly - Men1:56.861:56.26
200m IM - Women2:13.362:12.87
Wednesday 7th March200m Breast - Men2:11.742:11.50
200m Fly - Women2:08.662:08.95
100m Free - Men48.8248.62
Thursday 8th March200m Breast - Women2:26.892:25.99
200m Back - Men1:58.481:58.18
200m IM - Men2:00.171:59.42
100m Free - Women54.5754.46
Friday 9th March200m Back - Women2:10.842:09.14
100m Fly - Men52.3652.19
800m Free - Women8:33.848:29.16
50m Free - Men22.1122.09
Saturday 10th March50m Free - Women25.2725.10
1500m Free - Men15:11.8315:07.10
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