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Top 10 Fastest Female 100m Butterfly Splits

100:57.02Siobhan-Marie O'Connor05-08-20154x100m medley relayWorld ChampionshipsKazan, Russia
200:57.28Jemma Lowe30-07-20114x100m medley relayWorld ChampionshipsShanghai, China
300:57.29Alys Thomas10-04-20184x100m medley relayCommonwealth GamesGold Coast, Australia
400:57.34Jemma Lowe04-08-20134x100m medley relayWorld ChampionshipsBarcelona, Spain
500:57.34Jemma Lowe17-08-20084x100m medley relayOlympic GamesBeijing, China
600:57.39Ellen Gandy01-08-20094x100m medley relayWorld ChampionshipsRome, Italy
700:57.41Ellen Gandy09-10-20104x100m medley relayCommonwealth GamesDelhi, India
800:57.46Francesca Halsall15-08-20104x100m medley relayEuropean ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
900:57.47Siobhan-Marie O'Connor13-08-20164x100m medley relayOlympic GamesRio de Janeiro, Brazil
1000:57.47Ellen Gandy04-08-20124x100m medley relayOlympic GamesLondon, UK

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