London 2012

British Swimming reveals review findings

British Swimming today released the results of the performance review which followed the 2012 Olympics. Below is the full text of the review summary; analysis will follow in due course.
British Swimming London 2012 Performance Debrief From research and consultations, the Debrief drew the following conclusions: • There were clear areas of strength, and a number of … Continue Reading→

TeamGB in the Olympic pool: An analysis

Much has been said about the performance of Britain’s swimmers in London. Depending on your point of view, and the spin that you want to apply, it was either much worse than expected, given the number of medals won, or better than the past, with more finalists than ever before. But as swimming was the … Continue Reading→

Women’s 400IM final analysis

The World Record set by Ye Shiwen in the final of the women's 400 individual medley in London certainly got people talking. Unfortunately for the 16-year-old it got a lot of people talking for the wrong reasons, with allusions to China's doping past swiftly coming to the forefont. The source of this suspicion was the way … Continue Reading→

Circle swimming distances explained

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line so you’d imagine that a direct route from one end of the pool to the other would be the selected option for swimmers in an Olympic race. Not so; many competitors in the 800m and 1500m in London were seen to be circle swimming, but what are the distance implications?

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