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Endurance – at least my trunks have it

Endurance. It’s something I used to have back when I thought of myself as a “proper” swimmer rather than the land-lubbing has-been I am now. So when Speedo posed the “Keep Going Swim After Swim Challenge” to try out their … Continue reading

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Video analysis for the masses

Anyone who has attended an elite swimming meet, be it a national championships or a world championships, can’t fail to have noticed the bank of cameras positioned at the back of the gallery capturing every stroke and splash that goes … Continue reading

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Fingers apart for bigger hands

It’s often one of the first things children are taught when learning to swim: keep your fingers together and make your hand like a paddle. When the alternative in a beginner is fingers splayed wide apart this can be a sensible approach, but when a greater degree of proficiency is reached and swimmers seek every possible technical advantage from their stroke, is it still valid? Continue reading

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Remember: breathe out as well as in

It’s a common complaint amongst newcomers to the sport that they get out of breath quickly, despite being able to do other sports with no such problems. It’s often put down to technical issues with their stroke, or just not … Watch

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Breaking the magic minute

The 60 second mark for 100m freestyle stands as a significant milestone in the development of any swimmer. It has a certain resonance with swimmers, much as the 4 minute mile does for athletes, but what is the best way to wriggle under 60 seconds? We analyse those swimming around that mark to identify any potential strategies that can be adopted. Continue reading

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