speedo finalists announced

The Speedo League Finalists for 2007 have been announced. In order to make full use of the 10 lanes available at Ponds Forge, each regional winner has been invited to take part in the Cup final with the remaining spaces in the Cup and B finals filled via the outcome of a virtual gala developed from the results of the final league rounds. Finalists are shown in alphabetical order, with lane draws still to take place for the compeittion which will be held on Sunday 22nd April 2007.
Cup Final
Bracknell & Wokingham (South)
City of Coventry (West Midlands)
City of Guildford (South)
City of Salford (North West)
Hatfield (London)
Ipswich (London)
Lincoln Vulcans (East Midlands)
Millfield (Western)
Plymouth Leander (Western)
Stockport Metro (North West)
B Final
Bournmouth Dolphins (Western)
City of Cardiff (Western)
City of Liverpool (North West)
Ealing (London)
Leatherhead (South)
Northampton (East Midlands)
Notts Leander (East Midlands)
Perry Beeches (West Midlands)
Preston (North West)