Speedo league B final 2002

The expected result perhaps, with City of Leeds, so often the winners of the A final, this year having to settle for success in the B final, making it a double win for the North East district in the two 2002 finals. In the end the win was comfortable for the Yorkshire club, finishing some 60 points clear of City of Derby in second with City of Cardiff a further 26 points behind in third.

City of Leeds celebrate their B final victory© Matthew Lewis/SWpix.com
City of Leeds celebrate their B final victory© Matthew Lewis/SWpix.com

Despite the convincing nature of their win, Leeds success was built on a solid all round team performance rather than a series of outstanding individuals, with the club gaining 18 wins and 7 second places from the 50 events. “The atmosphere was brilliant as always, and we had 53 PB’s on the day so I was well pleased with our swimmers who really went for it” commented head coach Terry Denison, who also had praise for the runners up “I was very impressed with Derby who have some outstanding young swimmers”. Three of the 8 top swimmer awards went to Leeds, via Emily Cryan and Lauren Hayden in the 11 and under and 13 and under girls respectively, both of whom won their events with comparative ease, and Rebecca Shaw who won the top female award for her swim in the opening event of the day, the 200IM.

Elsewhere, there were many impressive performances. GB junior international, and potential Welsh Commonwealth games competitor, David Davies from City of Cardiff, won the top male award for winning the 200 IM from England commonwealth team member Stuart Trees. They may well meet again in the freestyle events come Manchester.

The real battle in the final came behind the top three, with Norwich Penguins, Salford, Cambridge and Leatherhead involved in a tight tussle for fourth place. In the end Norwich came out on top, having done enough going into the final relays to secure fourth, but ultimately only 7 points covered all four teams. Leatherhead will rue a disqualification which may have cost them a couple of places. Unsurprisingly Leeds dominated the relays, winning the relay challenge trophy with 38 seconds to spare from Derby.

So no surprises with the eventual winner, but some excellent swimming and racing and a superb atmosphere made for a great gala once again. Leeds will, however, have their eye on Hull’s crown for 2003.

final results:

Top Club
  1. City of Leeds 313
  2. City of Derby 253
  3. City of Cardiff 227
  4. Norwich Penguins 208
  5. City of Salford 207
  6. City of Cambridge 202
  7. Leatherhead 201
  8. Tayside 188

Top Male: David Davies, City of Cardiff, 200IM, 817 GB Points, 2:10.09
Top Female: Rebecca Shaw, City of Leeds, 200IM, 832 GB Points, 2:21.83

11 Years/Under

Top Girl: Emily Cryan (City of Leeds)
Top Boy: James Doolan (City of Salford)

13 Years/Under

Top Girl: Lauren Hayden (City of Leeds)
Top Boy: Jack Bates (City of Derby)

15 Years/Under

Top Girl: Stephanie Hill (City of Derby)
Top Boy: Michael Dakin (City of Derby)

Relay Challenge
  1. Co Leeds —
  2. City of Derby +38.03s
  3. City of Cardiff +47.01s
  4. Norwich Penguins +57.51s
  5. City of Salford +62.27s
  6. Tayside +71.85s
  7. Leatherhead +77.82s
  8. City of Cambridge +87.98s