swimming calendar for breast cancer campaign

Olympic swimmers will come under the spotlight once again after competeing a photo shoot for a calendar to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Campaign. Members of the Athens 2004 squad were the subjects of a two-day photo shoot in Loughborough ahead of the launbch of the finished prodcut on 16th October.
Olympic backstroker Sarah Price is one of three former swimmers who have joined forces to promote the calendar. “Swimmers are great to look at each month and by buying the calendar people will be helping us to beat this devastating disease” she said.
The project is the brainchild of ex-Nova Centurion and Loughborough swimmer Julie Gibson. She lost a friend to breast cancer two years ago but the courage she witnessed in the battle against the illness left a lasting impression.
“I wanted to do something positive and thought that, with my connections in swimming, there might be some possibilities,” said Gibson. “I had worked with Sarah and knew she would be able to help.”
The third member of the team, former City of Coventry breaststroker and British water polo player Pippa Jones, successfully beat breast cancer two years ago.
“Swimming helped me greatly during my treatment,” said Jones. “I likened it to completing the hardest set in training or winning a 400m IM. We want this project to raise awareness of both breast cancer and prostate cancers and also to raise money.”
The trio are also seeking tributes to those who have battled with cancer to be printed in the calendar. If you have a dedications or celebrations that you would like to be included, please email Julie Gibson on jcsl.gibson@btinternet.com before Friday 16 September.