2000 Sydney Olympics info

There are loads of sites out there dedicated to the Olympics – we aren’t going to try and beat them, but we will try and show you where you can find the best information on the web, so below you can find what we believe to be the best places for Olympic information. Happy surfing!

Day 1 – 16th September
00:00 (BST) Women 400m Ind Med No Qualifiers
Men 400m Free Paul Palmer, Jamie Salter
Women 100m Fly Margaretha Pedder
Men 100m Breast Darren Mew,Adam Whitehead
Women 4 x 100m Free Sue Rolph, Alison Sheppard, Karen Pickering, Rosalind Brett, Claire Huddart, Karen Legg
Men 4 x 100m Free Paul Belk, Sion Brinn, Anthony Howard, Matthew Kidd, Mark Stevens, Nick Shackell
0900 (BST) Women 400m Ind Med Final  
Men 400m Free Final  
Women 100m Fly Semi Final  
Men 100m Breast Semi Final Darren Mew, 1.01.98, 14th
Women 4 x 100m Free Final 3.40.54 BR, 5th (Karen Pickering (56.01), Alison Sheppard (54.95), Rosalind Brett (54.92), Sue Rolph (54.66))
Men 4 x 100m Free Relay Final  
Day 2 – 17th September
00:00 (BST) Women 100m Back Katie Sexton, Sarah Price
Men 200m Free Paul Palmer, Jamie Salter
Women 100m Breast Heidi Earp
Men 100m Back Adam Ruckwood
Women 400m Free No Qualifiers
Men 400m Ind Med Simon Militis
0900 (BST) Women 100m Back Semi Final Katy Sexton, 1.02.35, =10th
Men 200m Free Semi Final Jamie Salter, 1.48.64, 6th
Paul Palmer, 1.49.79, 8th
Women 100m Fly Final  
Men 100m Breast Final  
Women 100m Breast Semi Final  
Men 100m Back Semi Final Adam Ruckwood, 56.34, 16th
Women 400m Free Final  
Men 400m Ind Med Final  
Day 3 – 18th September
00:00 (BST) Women 200m Free Karen Pickering, Karen Legg
Men 200m Fly James Hickman, Steven Parry
Women 200m Ind Med Sue Rolph, Kathryn Evans
0900 (BST) Women 100m Back Final
Men 200m Free Final Paul Palmer, 1.47.95, 5th BR
Jamie Salter, 1.48.74, 6th

Women 200m Free Semi Final  
Men 100m Back Final  
Women 200m Ind Med Semi Final Sue Rolph, 2.15.98, 12th
Men 200m Fly Semi Final Stephen Parry, 1.57.23, 7th
James Hickman, 1.57.84, 11th
Women 100m Breast Final  
Day 4 – 19th September
00:00 (BST) Men 100m Free No Qualifiers
Women 200m Fly Margaretha Pedder
Men 200m Breast Adam Whitehead
Men 4 x 200m Free Paul Palmer, Jamie Salter, Graeme Smith, Ed Sinclair, Marc Spackman, Andy Clayton
0900 (BST) Men 100m Free Semi Final  
Women 200m Free Final  
Men 200m Fly Final Stephen Parry, 1.57.01, 6th
Women 200m Ind Med Final  
Men 200m Breast Semi Final  
Woman 200m Fly Semi Final Georgina Lee, 2.10.33, 10th BR
Margie Pedder, 2.10.49, 11th
Men 4 x 200m Free Final 7.12.98, 5th BR(
Ed Sinclair (1.49.62), Paul Palmer (1.47.15), Marc Spackman (1.47.85), Jamie Salter (1.47.37))
Day 5 – 20th September
00:00 (BST) Women 100m Free Sue Rolph, Karen Pickering
Men 200m Back Adam Ruckwood, Simon Militis
Women 200m Breast Jamie King
Men 200m Ind Med No Entrant
Women 4 x 200m Free Janine Belton, Vicki Horner, Karen Pickering, Karen Legg, Nicola Jackson, Claire Huddart
0900 (BST) Men 200m Breast Final  
Women 100m Free Semi Final Sue Rolph, 55.69, 9th
Karen Pickering, 55.71, 10th
Men 200m Back Semi Final  
Women 200m Fly Final  
Men 100m Free Final  
Women 200m Breast Semi Final  
Men 200m Ind Med Semi Final  
Women 4 x 200m Free Final 8.03.69, 6th BR(
Nicola Jackson (2.00.56), Karen Legg (2.01.55), Janine Belton (2.00.79), Karen Pickering (2.00.79))
Day 6 – 21st September
00:00 (BST) Men 50m Free Mark Foster
Women 800m Free Rebbeca Cooke
Men 100m Fly James Hickman
Women 200m Back Helen Don-Duncan, Joanna Fargus
0900 (BST) Men 50m Free Semi Final Mark Foster, 22.32, 6th
Women 200m Breast Final  
Men 200m Back Final  
Women 200m Back Semi Final Jo Fargus, 2.13.57, 9th
Helen Don-Duncan, 2.14.97, 15th
Men 100m Fly Semi Final James Hickman, 53.55, 13th
Women 100m Free Final  
Men 200m Ind Med Final  
Day 7 – 22nd September
00:00 (BST) Women 50m Free Sue Rolph, Alison Sheppard
Men 1500m Free Adam Faulkner, Paul Palmer
Women 4 x 100m Medley No Qualifiers
Men 4 x 100m Medley Adam Ruckwood, Neil Willey, Darren Mew, Adam Whitehead, James Hickman, Robert Greenwood, Paul Belk, Sion Brinn, Anthony Howard, Matthew Kidd, Mark Stevens, Nick Shackell
0900 (BST) Women 200m Back Final  
Men 100m Fly Final  
Women 800m Free Final  
Men 50m Free Final Mark Foster, 22.41, 7th
Women 50 Free Semi Final Alison Sheppard, 25.32, 6th
Day 8 – 23rd September
0530 (BST) Women 50 Free Final Alison Sheppard, 25.45, 7th
Men 1500m Free Final  
Women 4 x 100m Medley Final 4.07.61, 7th
(Katy Sexton (1.02.05), Heidi Earp (1.10.25), Sue Rolph (1.00.05), Karen Pickering (55.26))
Men 4 x 100m Medley Final 3.40.19, 8th
(Neil Willey (56.49), Darren Mew (1.01.76), James Hickman (52.53), Sion Brinn (49.41))
British records set in Sydney:
  • Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay 3.40.54
  • Men’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay 3.20.45
  • Men’s 200m Freestyle – Paul Palmer, 1.47.95
  • Men’s 4x200m Freestle Relay 7.12.98
  • Women’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay 8.03.69
  • Women’s 200m Butterfly – Georgina Lee, 2.10.33
  • Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay 3.39.60
  • Women’s 4x100m Medley Relay 4.07.52
  • plus 2 other relay records set in heats and subsequently broken.