Olympic trials predictions

There have been many people posting their predictions about trials, including the now customary battle between BBC pundits Steve Parry and Karen Pickering and the Speed Endurance blog. With that in mind, it seemed only fair to share my predictions for the coming week in Stratford; in 8 days time we’ll review the lists and see how everyone did.

Event Women Men
50 Freestyle Halsall Smith Brown Burnett
100 Freestyle Halsall Smith Turner Brown
200 Freestyle McClatchey Adlington Renwick Davenport
400 Freestyle Adlington Jackson Carry Renwick
800 Freestyle Adlington Carlin
1500 Freestyle Fogg Davies
100 Butterfly Halsall Gandy James Rock
200 Butterfly Gandy Lowe Roebuck Rock
100 Backstroke Davies Spofforth Tancock Walker-Hebborn
200 Backstroke Simmonds Hohmann Walker-Hebborn Loughran
100 Breaststroke Haywood Tadd Sliwinski Jamieson
200 Breaststroke Renshaw Tadd Gilchrist Jamieson
200 IM Miley Allen Goddard Roebuck
400 IM Miley Willmott Roebuck Haffield
Correct prediction
Swimmer in top 2, incorrect place
Incorrect Prediction