20 at 20: Katy Sexton Takes 200m Backstroke World Title

Barcelona in 2003 saw a highpoint for British swimming as the team claimed a then record 8 medals. At the vanguard of that charge was Katy Sexton, who claimed silver in the 100m backstroke before becoming the first British woman to win a world title in the 200m event, posting a British and Commonwealth record in the process. The video above uses an interview on the 10th anniversary of her achievements in 2013 to look back at a stirring achievement.

There’s a podcast version available as well as the video above and you can watch the full race unfold below.

There is much more on the success that Britain had at the 2003 world championships in the film 8:10 which caught up with the 6 British medallists 10 years after their exploits, to gather their recollections of a fine week for British swimming.