Podcast Extra – British Championships 2015

Last week we published our 2015 British Championship review podcast, but there were a few bits that didn’t make it into the final edition. So after recovering them from the digital equivalent of the cutting room floor, here are some more moments and reactions from the week’s racing in London.

Women’s 200 Backstroke – Lizzie Simmonds

Lizzie Simmonds had won the 100m backstroke, but was not assured of her place on the British team. Could she get there in the 200?

Women’s 400IM – Hannah Miley

Hannah Miley secured 400IM selection on the final day in London. After her victory Bob spoke to her in the mixed zone.

Women’s 800m – Jazz Carlin Reaction

Jazz Carlin was already selected for Kazan having won the 400 freestyle. A day later she also took the title in the 800m free. Bob was in the mixed zone to talk to her.

3 thoughts on “Podcast Extra – British Championships 2015”

  1. Steve.
    Great to hear the three of you trying to juggle commentaries!

    It’s really interesting that Pullbuoy and SwimVortex have had the biggest lot of mixed feedback, that I can remember, about Trials and Selection choices.

    One for you, though…

    My Selection Policy: Is there any merit in giving GB swimmers a window where they have to get in the top 10 or 15 in the world by a closing date.
    For instance “Individual swimmers will qualify if they are ranked in the top 10 in any event at 30th June, from swim times achieved between 1st March and the end of June”. British Swimming would have championships, Scottish Champs too, but there would be all sorts of other local, European, Worldwide competitions for any of our swimmers to ‘do their stuff’.

    We’re really interested in class and form – the latter can peak as required, the former can probably breeze in when they like.

    It would take the stupidly extreme pressure off a single swim that could knacker a swimmer’s chances. It would also negate any excuses about injury or illness, which seems to dominate some swimmers’ profiles. More importantly, it would stop (seemingly) ‘partial’ selection decisions from occurring.

    I have no idea how relay teams could be selected but I’m sure there’s a formula that can be used.

  2. Thanks Will – the commentaries were just a bit of fun (or at least they were for Katie and me!)

    We’ve not had discretionary selection for some time and I think that’s why there has been so much discussion/comment this year as people are bound to have differing opinions from the selectors.

    As for your idea, I think it has merit, but even then it could be controversial. For example there are no US trials this year which will undoubtedly affect world rankings. We’ve seen similar drawn out multi-stage selections in the past, e.g. with second chance meets or several stage meets post main trials, but they all have their own disadvantages. Certainly as a nation GB has not done very well with late picked teams (or parts thereof), so the cut off would need to be reasonably early which may make setting criteria a bit difficult.

  3. My view is that if anyone posts a fantastic performance after the team has been selected, then it is quite logical to add that person to the squad if a place is in that event is available.
    This has a two – fold benefit…
    1) The emphasis remains on performing on the day
    2) It keeps the door (maybe) ajar for someone who subsequently makes a breakthrough. But it remains a very risky strategy to miss the trials.

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