Podcast: Going the Distance with Kevin Renshaw

If you’ve listed to the pullbuoy podcast at all over the past few years you will have often herd debate about why, for all its success in the pool, GB has been flagging in distance events and isn’t currently living up to the standards of the past. In an effort to find out why this is and what is being done about it, Steve and Bob went to he man charged with turning the tanker around – British Swimming distance lead Kevin Renshaw.

A 3 time Olympic team coach who coached David Davies to 10km silver in Beijing, Kevin knows a thing or two about distance swimming and shares with us some of the initiatives being put in place to try and return Britain to the distance podium, as well as his views on distance swimming globally.

Episode Artwork: ISL/Mike Lewis/TeamGB

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Going the Distance with Kevin Renshaw”

  1. Hasn’t Kevin Renshaw left this post? This wasn’t mentioned – interesting. Was it not working or was he not right for the role. Who is taking over? Questions rather than answers…

    1. He is still doing the role but part time – I don’t know the reason why. Nathan Hilton has joined British Swimming to pick up the slack on the performance pathway role.

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