Adidas launches new 2018 Adizero suits

This month Adidas swim has launched what it calls its most advanced development of their adizero suit line, with the launch of adizero XVIII. We were fans of the previous iteration when we tested it, but Adidas say the new suits incorporate feedback from top athletes including Ben Proud, Britain’s 50m Butterfly World Champion, to give a reworked and improved fit.

pic: Adidas Swim

The suit incorporates Adidas’ X-TRA FIT technology offering a perfect fit, seamless stroke movement and smooth transition through the water say the makers. X-TRA FLOW technology complements this, using intelligent material and a lightweight construction to allow water to run smoothly over the body and reduce turbulence resulting in a guaranteed streamlined body position. Finally, X-TRA ENERGY technology uses the suit’s fabric, innovative bands and compressive fit to optimise an athlete’s energy, in order to help them propel through the water at speed. The bands on the previous version seemed to this well, so improvements here would be impressive. The suits use the now ubiquitous bonded seams and TPU straps connect the lower and the upper body, allowing swimmers to adapt and alter their body shape to save energy. Using ultra-lightweight yarn combined with an ultra-water repellent fabric creates a suit well and truly aimed at racing. In addition, it is tailored perfectly to the physique of the athlete with improved fit and compression, with two silhouettes specifically designed for breaststroke swimmers. All this combines, say Adidas, to support athletes in withstanding every wave, stroke and tumble turn, making adizero XVIII the fastest adizero ever.

We’ll get to see the new suits in international competition, most likely first at the Commonwealth games where Proud will be sporting them Australian backstroker Madison Wilson will also hope to be there. She says “It is not just another swim suit, it is so comfortable it is part of me. The lightweight fabric with extra compression and stabilisation allows me to swim faster. It is the best suit out there.”

A strong endorsement indeed. The SS18 adidas adizero XVIII swim range will be available online at