Commonwealth Games Memories


Podcast: The Challenge of Delhi 2010 with Lizzie Simmonds

It was a Commonwealth Games like no other when they travelled to the sub-continent for the 2010 edition. While India put on a great spectacle, the cohort of swimmers was beset by an illness that swept through the teams, making it as much a test of resilience as it was speed in the water.

Lizzie Simmonds was a medal winning member of Team England that year and recalls a games that presented a completely new challenge.

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Podcast: The Curse of the Commonwealth Games with Brett Hawke

He won three medals in his two appearances for Australia, but the Commonwealth Games were not always plain sailing for Brett Hawke.

We pick up the Commonwealth Games memories thread in Manchester to get his memories of the 2002 edition before moving to Melbourne in 2006, as Brett recalls the suit malfunctions and health scares that led him to think he was cursed.

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