Swimmers of the Year

Pullbuoy Swimmers of the Year 2021

Despite all the uncertainty as we headed into the new year just 12 months ago, 2021 turned out to be chock full of international swimming, and with it some exceptional British swimming performances. Choosing the cream of the crop from a year that saw record breaking performances at the Olympics and European Championships and a swathe of new British records is not easy, but here’s our picks for 2021 swimmers of the year.

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Pullbuoy Swimmers of the Year 2019

Pre-Olympic year often has the sense of a dress rehearsal as heads are turned towards the Games looming inexorably on the horizon. But that also means as well as medals to be won there are markers to be laid down, challenges to be made and lessons to be learnt. Amongst it all there was some fantastic swimming from Britain’s swimmers, making the job of picking out the leading lights anything but straightforward. But here are the Pullbuoy swimmers for 2019.

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Pullbuoy Swimmers of the year 2017

2017 had a bit of the feeling of “after the Lord Mayor’s show” given the stellar performances British swimming fans were treated to in Rio, but that does not mean it wasn’t successful. When compared to previous post Olympic years (in particular 2005 and 2013) the performances were high quality, with a host of world class swims, and the medals duly followed in Budapest. Here’s our picks of the year.

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