Edinburgh 1986: Nick Gillingham (England)

openquote.gifI have fond memories of the Commonwealth Games but like most journeys in sport, there were some bumps along the way to Gold.

It all started for me aged just 19 years where I competed in the 1986 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games. I swam a PB for the 100M BR but just missed the final, I walked to the pool early however to watch and learn the habits of Victor Davies, the Olympic Champion from Canada. I liked his warm-up model so much I stole it for myself!

Victor went on to take Gold that night and I relished the challenge of racing him a few days later over the 200M BR; Indeed, I ended up on the podium after I won a beautiful Bronze medal in front of Her Majesty The Queen coming home behind Adrian Moorhouse who won and Victor who took silver. It was a hugely proud moment that I still have pictured on the study wall at home.

I left Edinburgh believing for the first time I that I could compete against the very best in the world and compete well. To this very day The Royal Commonwealth Pool is my favourite pool in the world, but I guess that’s nostalgia, a very powerful emotion, playing its part. closequote.gif