How to Watch the ISL in the UK

In ISL Season 2 Eurosport had UK rights shared with the BBC who showed the London Roar matches and post season matches online. But things have changed for ISL 3. Here’s how it appears you can watch the action in the UK, which apparently now boils down to one option at this time. If we find out more we’ll share it.

Stream direct from the ISL

This seems to be the ISL’s preferred/only tactic for this year – you can buy a streaming pass for the entire season for $45 (about £33) and get access to all of the matches, with packages stepping down to a single match at $4 in the regular season rising to $10 for the final. You’ll need an ISL account to access it.

Watch on Discovery+?

For a period it looked like matches would stream on Discovery+ which showed the whole of the prelim rounds as “upcoming” as per the screen grab below. However since the announcement of the ISL’s own streaming, those shows have now gone. It’s not clear if matches will be available or not via this platform.

The ISL was showing in the Discovery+ app, but has been taken off.

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  1. it is pathetic that i was able to watch the draft but not the actual swimming in the UK. I cannot afford single sport subscription so i will not be able to watch it – what a farce for the so called global event – down the pan after just 2 years

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