Pullbuoy Swimmer of the Year 2015 – The Contenders

It’s December, and hence time for our annual Swimmer of the Year awards. After a remarkable year for British Swimming, there’s still some standout contenders for the top awards – the video above highlights the main contenders for the male and female swimmer of the year. Other awards to be made include:

  • Young swimmer of the year
  • Disability swimmer of the year
  • Open water swimmer of the year
  • Performance of the year
  • Breakthrough performance of the year

Results will be announced on pullbuoy during the week before New Year; in the meantime if you want to have your say, tweet us.

3 thoughts on “Pullbuoy Swimmer of the Year 2015 – The Contenders”

  1. In my humble opinion….

    Male Swimmer – Adam Peaty.

    Female – Jazz Carlin

    Young swimmer – Duncan Scott.

    Disability Awimmer – Ollie Hynd.

    Open Water – Jack Burnell.

    Performance of the year – Adam Peaty’s relatively unseen World Record at Trials in April.

    Breakthrough – James Guy’s all round performance at Worlds, especially in the 200 Free.

      1. I’ll settle for that, Happy New Year.
        Hoping for a big year in British Swimming, thanks for an excellent forum dedicated to swimming.

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