Is the ISL Final Headed to Britain?

The tantalising prospect of the season 3 grand final of the International Swimming League coming to Britain was raised by Kyle Chalmers this week.

Speaking on the London Roar Podcast, Chalmers was asked if he and his fellow Australians would be available for the Roar at the scheduled final date in January 2022, given difficult quarantine arrangements for those entering Australia and the impact they may have on preparation for the 2022 Australian World Championship Trials, which come up early in the year.

In response, he revealed he has been in talks with ISL founder Konstantin Grigorishin about a change of date to avoid this clash. “It’s looking likely that the final will be changed to December and potentially be in the UK” said Chalmers.

“Pretty much off the back of Eindhoven we’ll probably head to the UK and hopefully have the final then which will play into our favour massively, so we’re really pushing for that.”

Regardless of timing and venue, he committed to appearing in the grand final, even if it means staying away from home for another month, which will be welcome news for London Roar fans,

If this plays out and the final is held in Britain it seems most likely that it would return to the London Aquatic Centre which hosted the European derby match in the 2019 season. The venue has all the necessary facilities and a seating capacity of 2,800. Other options could be Ponds Forge in Sheffield, Tollcross in Glasgow or the Manchester Aquatic Centre, but London seems most likely given its global reputation and previous hosting success, where the match was a complete sell out.

Hear more from Kyle who was on the London Roar podcast with fellow Australian Olympic Champion Emma McKeon here or search “London Roar” on your favourite podcast platform.