20 at 20: Swim4Leukaemia, 2014

Sometimes an event comes along that just entirely captivates. In the case of the Swim4Leukaemia charity relay back in 2014, there was an added personal dimension and the sense of a higher purpose that also added additional meaning. So while it delivered on a purely swimming level with a world record for a 100x100m relay, it also delivered emotionally; as I wrote at the time, Sheffield , the steel city, had also shown itself to have a heart of gold.

I spoke to the man behind the event, Lewis Coleman, about the motivation he drew from his mother’s cancer diagnosis and the challenges of pulling off a world record feat. You can watch the story in the video below and get the full lowdown on a memorable day in the accompanying podcast.

Meanwhile, to hear more from the swimmers who took part, have a listen to the original podcast from 2014 which followed events as they took place. Finally, the event was recorded for posterity by photographer Simon Wright of GBSwimstars – his photos captured the event perfectly as the slideshow below demonstrates.

To support research into blood cancer treatment you can donate to Blood Cancer UK.