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Women's LC Records

Event SexTimeNameDateMeetLocation
50m freestyleLCFemale00:23.96Francesca Halsall26-07-2014Commonwealth GamesGlasgow, UK
100m freestyleLCFemale00:52.75Anna Hopkin28-07-2021Olympic GamesTokyo, Japan
200m freestyleLCFemale01:55.54Joanne Jackson28-07-2009World ChampionshipsRome, Italy
400m freestyleLCFemale04:00.60Joanne Jackson26-07-2009World ChampionshipsRome, Italy
800m freestyleLCFemale08:14.10*Rebecca Adlington16-08-2008Olympic GamesBeijing, China
1500m freestyleLCFemale15:47.26Jazmin Carlin28-06-2013World Championships TrialsSheffield, United Kingdom
50m backstrokeLCFemale00:27.19Kathleen Dawson18-05-2021European ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
100m backstrokeLCFemale00:58.08Kathleen Dawson23-05-2021European ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
200m backstrokeLCFemale02:06.66Gemma Spofforth01-08-2009World ChampionshipsRome, Italy
50m BreaststrokeLCFemale00:30.02Imogen Clark30-07-2022Commonwealth GamesBirmingham, UK
100m breaststrokeLCFemale01:06.21Molly Renshaw18-05-2021European ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
200m breaststrokeLCFemale02:20.89Molly Renshaw15-04-2021British Swimming Selection TrialsLondon, United Kingdom
50m butterflyLCFemale00:25.20Francesca Halsall27-07-2014Commonwealth GamesGlasgow, UK
100m butterflyLCFemale00:57.25Ellen Gandy04-03-2012British ChampionshipsLondon, United Kingdom
200m butterflyLCFemale02:04.83Ellen Gandy10-03-2009British ChampionshipsSheffield, United Kingdom
200m individual medleyLCFemale02:06.88Siobhan-Marie O'Connor09-08-2016Olympic GamesRio de Janeiro, Brazil
400m individual medleyLCFemale04:31.33Hannah Miley20-03-2009British ChampionshipsSheffield, United Kingdom
4x100m freestyle relayLCFemale03:33.96GB National Team 25-07-2021Olympic GamesTokyo, Japan
Anna Hopkin (53.16)
Abbie Wood (53.23)
Lucy Hope (54.73)
Freya Anderson (52.84)
4x100m freestyle relayLCFemale03:30.90GB National Team23-07-2023World ChampionshipsFukuoka, Japan
Anna Hopkin (53.67)
Lucy Hope (53.53)
Abbie Wood (54.19)
Freya Anderson (52.51)
4x200m freestyle relayLCFemale07:45.51GB National Team 30-07-2009World ChampionshipsRome, Italy
Joanne Jackson (1:55.98)
Jazz Carlin (1:56.78)
Caitlin McClatchey (1:56.42)
Rebecca Adlington (1:56.33)
4x100m medley relayLCFemale03:54.01GB National Team 23-05-2021European ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
Kathleen Dawson (58.08)
Molly Renshaw (1:05.72)
Laura Stephens (57.55)
Anna Hopkin (52.66)

Men's LC Records

Event SexTimeNameDateMeetLocation
50m freestyleLCMale00:21.11Ben Proud08-08-2018European ChampionshipsGlasgow, UK
100m freestyleLCMale00:47.45Matt Richards27-07-2023World ChampionshipsFukuoka, Japan
200m freestyleLCMale01:44.22Thomas Dean27-07-2021Olympic GamesTokyo, Japan
400m freestyleLCMale03:43.75James Guy02-08-2015World ChampionshipsKazan, Russia
800m freestyleLCMale07:44.32David Davies29-07-2009World ChampionshipsRome, Italy
1500m freestyleLCMale14:45.95David Davies21-08-2004Olympic GamesAthens, Greece
50m backstrokeLCMale00:24.04*Liam Tancock02-08-2009World ChampionshipsRome, Italy
100m backstrokeLCMale00:52.73Liam Tancock28-07-2009World ChampionshipsRome, Italy
200m backstrokeLCMale01:54.43Luke Greenbank21-05-2021European ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
50m breaststrokeLCMale00:25.95*Adam Peaty25-07-2017World ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
100m breaststrokeLCMale00:56.88*Adam Peaty21-07-2019World ChampionshipsGwangju, South Korea
200m breaststrokeLCMale02:07.30Ross Murdoch24-07-2014Commonwealth GamesGlasgow, UK
50m butterflyLCMale00:22.75Ben Proud24-07-2017World ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
100m butterflyLCMale00:50.67James Guy28-07-2017World ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
200m butterflyLCMale01:54.58Michael Rock28-07-2009World ChampionshipsRome, Italy
200m individual medleyLCMale01:55.28Duncan Scott30-07-2021Olympic GamesTokyo, Japan
400m individual medleyLCMale04:09.18Duncan Scott07-04-2022British ChampionshipsSheffield, UK
4x100m freestyle relayLCMale03:11.14GB National Team18-06-2022World ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
Lewis Burras (48.09)
Jacob Whittle (47.91)
Matt Richards (48.19)
Tom Dean (46.95)
4x200m freestyle relayLCMale06:58.58GB National Team 28-07-2021Olympic GamesTokyo, Japan
Tom Dean (1:45.72)
James Guy (1:44.40)
Matt Richards (1:45.01)
Duncan Scott (1:43.45)
4x100m medley relayLCMale03:27.51GB National Team01-08-2021Olympic GamesTokyo, Japan
Luke Greenbank (53.63)
Adam Peaty (56.53)
James Guy (50.27)
Duncan Scott (47.08)

Mixed LC Records

Event SexTimeNameDateMeetLocation
4x100m freestyle relayLCMixed03:21.68GB National Team29-07-2023World ChampionshipsFukuoka, Japan
Matt Richards (47.83)
Duncan Scott (47.46)
Anna Hopkin (53.30)
Freya Anderson (53.09)
4x200m freestyle relayLCMixed07:26.67GB National Team 18-05-2021European ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
Tom Dean (1:46.54)
James Guy (1:45.43)
Abbie Wood (1:56.67)
Freya Anderson (1:58.03)
4x100m medley relayLCMixed03:37.58*GB National Team 31-07-2021Olympic GamesTokyo, Japan
Kathleen Dawson (58.80)
Adam Peaty (56.78)
James Guy (50.00)
Anna Hopkin (52.00)

* Denotes that a swim was also a World Record when set

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